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Ovida Care. Healthcare service for elderly dependent people. Description. Social care in Asturias (Spain)
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Ovida Care
Ovida Care is the specialized healthcare service for elderly dependent people. It is a unique care concept that was until now totally unknown in Asturias (Spain).

Ovida Care is born as a great bet for a project of social care in Asturias, with the commitment to collaborate with the Public Administration in the beginning of the improvement of the Social care attention, and under the Law 1/2003 of Social Services.

Ovida Care counts with 6 Units of Specialized Attention, distributed in modules of 30 and 60 beds. In order to attend those units, our Evaluation and Assistance Team will evaluate each case. They will then make an adapted care plan and the resident will occupy a place in a unit according to the pathologies that they have, and also, according to the needed degree of cares.
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